Hurst Home

1210 Judson Road

Date of construction: 1932
Architectural Style: Colonial Revival

Built by Dr. V. R. Hurst, a nationally recognized eye, ear, nose and throat physician, the 2-story home was located on the highest site of a farm that extended from near Delwood to Hillcrest. The roads from downtown were unpaved, and the advent of cars made a move "to the country" possible for professional people.

Because the home was being built during the depression, many craftsmen were out of work. Dr. Hurst purposely engaged the finest workmen to build his house and brought in Kermin, a noted decorator from Houston, to oversee the interior.

Of note is an intricately carved staircase railing. The walls are made of plaster and the roof is slate, both known for beauty and longevity. The light fixtures were all custom-made by Abbott in Dallas.

The house has four bedrooms, three and a half baths, formal living, dining room, breakfast room, morning room, butler’s pantry, kitchen, and solarium.

The landscaping was done by Lamberts of Shreveport and included a slate goldfish pond under crape myrtles.

Today the home is owned by Jacquelyn Jameson, daughter of Dr. Hurst.