Bramlette House

2401 MCann Road

Date of construction: 1932
Architectural Style: Colonial Revival

On February 25, 1875, Thomas Anderson Bramlette married Annie Eliza Miller. They moved their large family of 13 children to Longview in 1896.

Their oldest child, Erskine Miller Bramlette (1875-1942), married Jessie Olivia Boring. Erskine was an early schoolteacher in Longview and became principal of the local schools at age 21. He later became a lawyer, city attorney, county judge, and oil operator.

In 1932 Judge Bramlette began building a large country home on his farm on McCann Road. The Bramlettes’ son, Joseph, a WWII veteran and graduate of Harvard School of Architecture, designed the estate and the landscaping. According to oral history, the workmen all lived in tents on the grounds. The family had barely settled in their new home when Mrs. Bramlette died of cancer at age 56.

Widely known as a landscape architect, Joseph designed many gardens in the city. He donated the land for the Bramlette Elementary School, as well as developed the Bramlette Building and Huntington Park, where the historic family home is hidden by beautiful greenery.

The home is currently owned by Dr. David Sadler, a Longview cardiovascular surgeon. Dr. Sadler devotes great time and effort to the restoration and maintenance of this historic home.