Postponed: Longview’s Place in the World of the 1870’s 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
First Christian Church Activity Center


Event Postponed due to Coronavirus; New Date TBD

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The World of 1870 was a very exciting time in history. Industrialization brought wealth to many more Americans than ever before and ushered in a new way of living.

Come, learn about the interesting world of 1870, things you never knew!

Dr. Perky Beisel, D.A.
Research Specialization: The Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Lunch: $10.00 (Optional)
Entrance: $15.00

Perky Beisel is a co-director of the M.A. in Public History program at Stephen F. Austin State University. She regularly leads public history projects with local museums, cemetery associations, genealogical groups, and regional archives. Her other research interests include stable architecture, the timber industry during the Gilded Age, and agricultural history. Currently, she serves on several local commissions and non-profit boards while coordinating the 2020 Association for Gravestone Studies conference to be held in Austin, Texas.

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First Christian Church Activity Center

720 N Sixth St
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