Payment for Booze, Broads, and Bibles

Peeling Back the Pine Curtain...
Preservation Longview Presents:

“Booze, Broads, and Bibles”

A Clash of Cultures in East Texas in the 1930's

By the 1930’s, sleepy East Texas had become party central, as honky tonks, dive joints and houses of ill repute challenged the values of traditional church-going folk. The debate over Prohibition and whether to enforce the law, the dark clouds of the Great Depression, and the temperance movement supported by the churches were all factors which converged as the Boom began and oil shot to the clouds. Desperate, starving men swarmed into this once obscure part of the world like ants on a sugar bowl. As the party began, a clash also began between the conservative church-going “natives” and these hard-living, heavy-drinking, risk-taking “foreigners” who invaded this conservative place, looking for jobs in the oil field. Both “tonks” and churches drew massive crowds.

Two cultures collided like runaway trains on the same track. The past was gone as a new era emerged for people of East Texas.

Thursday, January 25
12:00 - 1:00 pm

Longview Community Center
500 East Whaley

$10 Admission, $5 Students

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Speaker: Dr. Charles Taylor

Professor and teacher of history and political science in East Texas for over 30 years, including East Texas Baptist University, Panola College, Kilgore College, and LeTourneau University. With a flair for drama, he wrote and produced a play, even providing voices for historical figures such as JFK, Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, and Billy Graham. Dr. Taylor has also co-authored a textbook on American government and a chapter for a major university textbook online. A native East Texan and graduate of Pine Tree High, he published a book in 2014, The History of Pine Tree Schools and Points Beyond.

Introduced and Assisted by Kimberly Fish

Author of The Big Inch, a novel set in Longview, Texas during WWII, published in 2016. Winner of the Writer’s League of Texas Manuscript Contest, Kimberly and her family have made Longview their home for more than 25 years; her work has been published in magazines, newspapers, and online formats.

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